The Story of IECE

La storia di IECE Srl

IECE, an acronym for "Elettrico Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche", was founded in Ancona in 1948 by engineer Arnaldo Baldassari, who had many years of experience in the field of public lighting, electricity and electromechanical construction.

In 1979 Arnaldo's son, Vittorio Baldassari. took the reigns of the company and began to develop areas of the company such as airport signalling and illumination, as well as video surveillance and traffic regulation for road tunnels.

In 1983 Francesco, Vittorio's son, graduated in electrical engineering and joined the company. In recent years, the airport sector has been further strengthened, as well as its interest in the production of energy from renewable sources. In 1985, the company became a company in Accomandita Semplice. In 1997 Vittorio helped the company obtain its quality certification system (ISO 9001) and in 1999 the company celebrated 50 years of membership of the Ancona Industrial Association.

In 2002 we became IECE Srl, a Limited Liability Company, with the current directors at the helm: Vittorio Maria Baldassari, Francesco Maria Baldassari and Elena Maria Baldassari. In the same year, Vittorio celebrated fifty years since graduating to the Golden List of senators of the Order of Engineers (Prov. Di Ancona).

In 2008, we opened our Via Antognini location and so began our adventure in the field of renewable energy and energy saving with the realisation of our photovoltaic plants.

Today, IECE has its headquarters in Ancona, but boasts other operating locations in Bologna, Forlì, Parma, Pescara and Racale (in the province of Lecce). Despite being rooted locally, the company extends its business across the country.

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