Activity at IECE

Le attività di IECE

Illumination and airport signage

Management and maintenance of light tracking systems for a range of Italian airports.

Street lighting and artistic lighting

Lighting in urban centres, historical, artistic and monumental property, parks and gardens. Programming of municipal lighting regulator plans, with energy saving programmes, light pollution control, luminous flux regulation and tele-control systems.

Distribution of electricity

Supply of electricity, guaranteeing continuity, on behalf of important Italian distributors, engaging in the construction of distribution lines. Connecting users to the power grid.

Plant engineering for industry, hospital, sports, tertiary sector

Realisation of electrical lighting systems, power consumption limiters, surge protection, alarm regulation and signalling, data transmission and communication, fire and intrusion prevention,

Renewable sources of energy production

Twenty-five thousand kW of "grid connected" photovoltaic systems built by IECE (10k installed on the ground and 7k on the roof).

Video surveillance and road traffic regulation

Intelligent traffic light systems, light traffic signs, city traffic control systems, speed bollards, access control systems, customisable message panels, video surveillance systems, automatic parking management.

Lighting for tunnels

Lighting, polluting systems, ventilation, fire and signalling systems for road tunnels. Automatic systems for controlling and managing lighting and ventilation.

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